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Project Description
The ability to add a button to view the version history of an item when the display form is modified in InfoPath allows a user easy access to view versioning information. Out of the box, SharePoint does not allow this ability. This is a sandboxed solution.

When a user modifies the item list form in InfoPath, the ribbon on the display form no longer allows you to view version history. Additionally, InfoPath does not provide a way to include an easy method to include version history information on the form itself.

This project intends to make it easier for users to quickly view version history from the display form by adding a button to the ribbon which links directly to the version history page.

Key Features:
  • Leverages SharePoint resource files for localization of button labels
  • Uses SharePoint sprite images for small and large button logos
  • Ability to add more buttons to the Version History group
  • Leverages the modal interface to redirect users to version history page
  • Sandboxed solution allows for quick and safe deployment

  • Make sure to download the .wsp file and upload to the Solutions gallery in Site Collection settings page
  • After uploading the .wsp to the Solutions gallery, remember to activate it!
  • The feature is scoped to the web site level so make sure to activate it in the Site Features section of the settings page



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